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New Test on the Horizon for Prostate Cancer

The scientist have identified a protein called EN-2, which is only produced by prostate cancer cells, the new urine test appears to be the first reliable test for diagnosing early prostate cancer. The new test is vastly superior to the existing PSA blood test, which detects fewer than 40% of cancers and has a false positive rate of over 50%.

Comparing Prescription and Nonprescription Costs of Niacin

Can you imagine the gall it would take to mark up niacin from $7 to $80? Insane! But that was my guess.
And here’s the total, as given to Dr. Spreen by a WalMart druggist: $139.08. As Dr. Spreen pointed out, you could buy the $7 niacin and still have enough left over every month to pay the lease on a small car.

Multi-Functional Protein Blends

“You’ve been taking protein for years, you know the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, but what is the deal with every protein line having an “advanced protein matrix”? Is it clever marketing or is there real science backing these new protein blends? You’ve tried every brand from Cytosport’s Muscle Milk- the […]

Personalized Medicine

I have insisted on a personalized medicine plan from my physician for years. In my case, I order my own blood tests to check metabolite levels and other precursors of disease. I then meet with my physician bringing in the abstracts of the latest research from medical journals related to my concern, if any. Most physicians acknowledge that they don’t have time to read up on the specific literatures the way I do, and thus we have more of a peer-to-peer interaction rather than the “smart doctor, dumb patient” model. However, most patients will not invest the time I do (10+ hours/week) investigating the latest treatment methods, and so for the vast majority of patients, it will probably be business as usual in the way they interact with their doctors.

Generic Drug Costs and Delays

generic drug costs

The drug companies have been paying user fees for more than a decade. Drug companies that hold patents benefit financially when generic applications are delayed. The OGC needs more employees to expedite reviews of the expanding backlog of generic applications. But Congress was told that no additional employees are needed in the OGC.

Natural Sulforaphane from Broccoli Sprouts: A Supplement with Antioxidant, Antidiabetic, Anticarginogenic, and Anti-Inflammatory Functions

broccoli sprouts

Researchers at the University of Michigan (U of M) Comprehensive Cancer Center believe that sulforaphane could become both a novel and highly effective treatment for breast cancer. Current chemotherapy treatments attack rapidly dividing cells but do nothing to stop cancer stem cells — the small number of specific cells responsible for fueling the growth of cancerous breast tumors. [2] In laboratory experiments, sulforaphane was shown to target and kill cancer stem cells and prevented new malignancies from growing.

Which Calcium Supplement is Best for Absorption?

calcium orotate

The best absorbed of the commercially available organic types of calcium are calcium orotate (90% — 95% absorbed), closely followed by calcium aspartate (85% absorbed). However, “these are not only the most expensive, but they’re also the hardest to find. That means they may not be an option for many people.”

Prescription Status for Many Drugs Should Be Abolished

An enlightened individual can use the Internet to learn about drugs that lower blood pressure, glucose, and lipids, along with the drug’s side effects. At-home blood pressure devices are more effective in monitoring real-world blood pressure than periodic visits to a doctor’s office. An enlightened patient can precisely individualize dosing of anti-hypertensive medications to bring their blood pressure to optimal levels (below 115/75 mm Hg in most people).

Medicare Fraud, Greed, and Ineptitude

An investigative report by the Wall Street Journal uncovered a ridiculous program in which Medicare paid a $2,200 bonus once a company made ten at-home visits to a particular patient.15 With this kind of incentive, home healthcare companies jumped through hoops to hit the ten-visit mark, even threatening employees with no pay if they failed to figure a way to bill Medicare ten at-home visits for every patient.