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Caution Needed About Claims Dichloroacetate (DCA) Cures Cancer

From time to time, news articles circulate about Canadian researchers discovering the (controversial) drug dichloroacetate (DCA) has cured cancer.  Researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton have primarily performed research using laboratory rats injected with human cancers.  Elsewhere, other researchers in Canada carried out a small-scale clinical trial of the drug in five patients […]

Health Care Law News Briefs

Health State of the States: Health Insurance Exchanges — April 20, 2012This was an interesting week for exchange activity, with Alabama advancing exchange legislation and Congress revisiting issues surrounding exchange…more by McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP   MLA’s Weekly Health Care Wrap-Up — April 20, 2012In this Issue: Federal Update – Conrad Introduces Simpson-Bowles Budget, […]


In another study of people with high-grade glioma, antineoplastons produced a complete or partial response in 36%, stabilized the disease (less than 50% reduction in tumor size but no progression) in 35%, and resulted in no change (disease progression) in 29%. By comparison, a recent phase II study using thalidomide and a new FDA-approved chemotherapy drug called Temodar® produced a complete or partial response in 21% of the patients, stabilized the disease in 14%, and resulted in disease progression in 65%. The use of antineoplastons to treat breast cancer has not been as successful as hoped.