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Sarcopenia: loss of muscle mass associated with aging

“One of the first things that happens as people age is there is a decline in muscle mass, muscle strength and endurance. Associated with this is decline in aerobic capacity, and so people become easily fatigued. This happens beginning in the 30s, with rapid deterioration in the mid-60s.”

Cholesterol Essential for Good Health / Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease Study Says

Cholesterol Essential for Good Health Two new studies show that cholesterol protects against neurological dysfunction and reduces risk of cancer. Cholesterol has long been recognized as an essential element in our bodies. Every cell in your body contains cholesterol where it functions as an important structural building block and helps protect against destructive free radicals. […]

Trans Fats Are Out, but Is the Replacement Any Better?

by the editors of Prevent Disease It was inevitable that food manufacturers and the edible oil industry would find a substitute for trans fats, now that consumer backlash is forcing the issue. After all, we’re talking big business here. Over 90 percent of the money spent on food is spent on the processed stuff. Now […]

Market Share for $3.2 Billion Advanced Wound Care

Press Release: Smith & Nephew, Molnlycke Health Care and ConvaTec Lead $3.2 Billion Advanced Wound Management Market April 23rd, 2012 Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, “Advanced Wound Management – Global Pipeline Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Market Forecasts to 2018” by GlobalData. In 2011, Smith & Nephew was the […]

Bisphenol A (BPA): The Toxin That Lines Most Canned Goods and Many Other Food Containers

Before I knew what a polyphenol was or what double-blind placebo-controlled really meant, I believed the words “FDA approved” meant something was effective and, more importantly, safe. What can I say? The past 14 years have been an education. These days, I find the words “FDA approved” more frightening than the warning on a cigarette […]

Comparing the Safety of Synthetic versus Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

It’s nearly 10 years now. In July 2002, alarm bells started ringing — loud and long. That was the summer the Women’s Health Initiative abruptly stopped a massive hormone replacement therapy (HRT) study. When researchers linked synthetic HRT use to a sharply increased risk of invasive breast cancer, there was only one thing to do. […]

COCONUT CORNBREAD: A Sweet Version of a Comfort Food Classic

Our latest recipe comes from the book Cooking with Coconut Flour by Bruce Fife. This cookbook is full of ideas for breads, cakes and treats that are made with coconut flour instead of wheat flour. With coconut oil, honey and stone ground cornmeal, this cornbread is perfectly sweet and crumbly. A delicious, low-carb and gluten […]

States Trying to Gag and Criminalize Whistleblowers at Slaughter Farms

For years, we’ve heard horrific stories about factory farms. Animals live in severely cramped quarters. Livestock receive cruel treatment. Animal waste causes environmental damage. The list goes on and on. Now, you might think that owners of factory farms would like to show the world the inner workings of their farms to disprove the rumors. […]

Study confirms imported Rx drugs can be authentic, affordable

The research concludes that the FDA’s blanket assessment that all foreign pharmacies are unsafe is inaccurate and potentially harmful to consumers who need access to medicine they can afford.

This study confirms our position that importation can be a safe, money-saving option for consumers.

FDA announces efforts to waive Rxs for several diseases: What will this mean?

The FDA on Wednesday announced it is considering waiving prescription requirements for drugs used to address diseases including diabetes, asthma and migraines. The move is part of several efforts to increase access to approved drugs and hasten the approval of experimental drugs. FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg said this push to hasten the approval of […]