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Comments from on my Patient Rights Video

Dear Mike, Thank you for the email and feedback!  We certainly would love for you to donate some of your time to help our organization. We get emails from people who seek legal options . We think legal options should be the last resort. We would love to see more medical facilities honoring patients’ wishes.  […]

Female Patient Lied to By Surgeon Leading to Patient Humiliation

Dear Mike, Thank you so much for your insights. I shared what you said with the lady. She lives in Utah. I explained to her that you were only licensed to practice in Tennessee. But I think it is important for her to  file a complaint with the medical licensing board in Utah. What happened […]

Survey of 200+ men’s satisfaction with annual physical exams

Medical professionals wrongly assume that men are less sensitive about modesty than their female patients, but that may not be true. Most men would not be comfortable with a doctor, even a male one, watching them give a urine specimen. Men in public restrooms would object if they caught another man eying them while using […]

Genetic Sequencing Tests — Interesting NY Times article

“Recently, on the company’s Web site, Dr. Reid predicted that the cost of gene sequencing could eventually be as low as that of a blood test: “I believe that the impact on the medical community of whole human genome sequencing at a cost comparable to a comprehensive blood test will be profound, and it will […]

Checklist of Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease Part 1 of 3

alzheimer's disease brain

For approximately ten years, I cared for a parent with slowly advancing Alzheimer’s disease. Contrary to all of the horror stories portrayed in the national media, I have found that the burden of caring for an Alzheimer’s sufferer is less onerous than I originally expected. The primary reason that my burden was lightened is that […]