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Medical Ethics Consult

Dear Dr. Michael Guth: Thank you for this information and especially the cover letter. I’m going to create my own and send to Doctors that I would like to meet with. The World needs more people in it like you. Maybe things will change around and the medical community will work more with people who […]

Diseases of the Neural Retes

COMMENT:  Dear Doctor – Thank you for focusing on the age where aging begins to effect the total system ! You are covering many of the most vulnerable areas. I am not a professional in the medical field, but my own experience, and discussions with other aging friends, have highlighted an area that I believe […]

What If There Were a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and No One Knew?

What If There Were a Cure for Alzheimer’s and No One Knew? A Case Study by Mary T. Newport, MD   There is a growing epidemic of obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and predictions that 15,000,000 people in the United States alone will have Alzheimer’s Disease by the year 2050. In 2001, Dr. Richard […]

Differences Between EPA and DHA, Benefits, Eicosanoid Formation

Source: “What are the real differences between EPA and DHA? The first casualty of marketing is usually the truth. The reality is that the two key omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) do a lot of different things, and as a result the benefits of EPA and DHA are often very different. That’s why […]

Stress and Metabolic Acidosis, Acid/Alkaline Food Chart

From “Acid/Alkaline Food Chart    How alkalinity rid the body of toxic waste and maintains a healthier life! When asked what the number one cause of death is worldwide, most will likely answer; Heart disease, Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes or Obesity. Every one of these answers will be right. No matter what the name of […]

HbA1C < 5.0% for Nondiabetic Patients: Benefits and Concerns

Several doctors at Life Extension Foundation have advised me it would be highly desirable if I could lower my HbA1C below 5.0%.  Yet the following web page shows HbA1C < 5.0% actually increases all causes of mortality. “Low hemoglobin A1c in nondiabetic adults: predictors and association with cause-specific mortality and risk of liver […]

legal research and writing service

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Legal Brief Writer, Legal Brief Writing, Appellate Brief Writer

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Estradiol, Clomiphene, and Related Topics

COMMENT BY Dr. Dean Raffelock: David-I am not understanding this T:E ratio of 4:1. Are we talking T:E1+ E2+ E3? A healthy teenage boy usual has a T:E2 ratio close to 100:1. Most men are not feeling their best unless their T:E2 ratio is at least 40:1. Also most of the hormones in the body […]

Good and Bad Eicosanoids

“I believe that the foundation of 21st century medicine will be the manipulation of eicosanoids. Yet ask most physicians and medical researchers what an eicosanoid is, and you will usually get a blank stare. I guess they’re not familiar with the Nobel Prize winning research. As unknown as they are to the medical community, eicosanoids […]