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Podcast on Alzheimer’s Disease with Jon Barron

Sugar Consumption in the American Diet by Jon Barron

Unfortunately, the truth is that about 15 percent of the sucralose you consume does not pass out of the body, and side effects are already being reported, including a significant reduction in the weight of the thymus after just twenty-eight days of use. This has profound implications for the long-term viability of your immune system.

FDA and Intravenous Vitamin C Cancer Therapy

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If FDA officials actually listened to patients, they wouldn’t be trying to cut off the use of intravenous ascorbic acid (IAA) as a cancer-fighter..

Design and Engineering Photos

     Fantastic Design and Engineering A church in Norway <![if !vml]><![endif]> The Hands vintage sofa <![if !vml]><![endif]> A masterpiece made from wood,amazing bathtub design. <![if !vml]><![endif]> Seaside Deck, Hawaii <![if !vml]><![endif]> Love this tree house ! <![if !vml]><![endif]> Beds for three. <![if !vml]><![endif]> Dream Stove! <![if !vml]><![endif]> DoubleBack – VW’s Sliding Extension Camper Van […]

Comment on Health Care Policy Changes Needed

American health providers and insurance companies need to adopt a preventive approach to care that includes dietitian visits for those with overweight BMIs, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions. Vitamin and mineral supplements need to be covered in tax-exempt healthcare savings accounts and the reduced allowable expenses need to be raised to offset the high […]

Convenant Health’s Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge Caught in Fraud Billing Scheme

Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, July 2, 2013 Fifty-Five Hospitals to Pay U.S. More Than $34 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations Related to Kyphoplasty Fifty-five hospitals located throughout twenty-one states have agreed to pay the United States a total of more than $34 million to settle allegations […]