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Benefits of Probiotic supplements

Jon Barron article on Probiotics ” Conclusion: How to Optimize the Benefits of Probiotics So, what we can take from all of this? Well, first of all, we can pretty much say with some certainty, that despite the FDA’s reluctance to acknowledge it, the case for our intestinal microbiome being essential to our health is […]

Blueberries Nutritional Value

A Closer Look at Blueberries by Hiyaguha Cohen If you don’t have a stash of blueberries in the fridge or freezer, you might want to run out to stock up. It seems that good news about the little berries keeps rushing in faster than shoppers storming a Circuit City going out of business sale. More […]

Successful Hospital Boards: Ten Things to Do by Steve Jacob Kevin Reed, an Austin healthcare attorney who has been general counsel for the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals for more than 20 years, listed “10 Things Really Successful Boards Do”  at the Texas Healthcare Trustees conference in Fort Worth last week. 1. They understand the money. “Hospitals are paid in the most […]

Value of Healthcare IT

Montana Experiment Brings NHS-Style Health Care to USA; Saves State Millions, Patients Delighted

Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer has pledged his support for single-payer health care in the past, but his recent efforts to bring zero-cost sharing primary and preventive care to Montana government employees and retirees may be doing something that most progressives would only dream could happen in America: bringing NHS-style, socialized medicine to Montana. This […]