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Heart Valve Surgery Examples of ICD-10-PCS Alpha Indexes

There are instances in which the Alpha Index might not prove helpful in choosing the correct root operation.  Let’s consider valvuloplasty which is defined as “surgical reconstruction of a deformed cardiac valve for the relief of stenosis or incompetence.”  In the ICD-10-PCS Alpha Index, the main term provides three potential root operations: Valvuloplasty see Repair, […]

Humorous ICD-10 Codes by William Entriken SITUATION: You’ve been involved in a water-skiing accident where your skis have caught fire and now you are being rushed to the emergency room. THE GOOD NEWS: There a code for that. ICD-10-CM, (“we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”) has anticipated this and your hospital will […]

Learning “Heart Age” Keeps Us Healthier by Beth Levine

When we go to the doctor for a checkup, we typically get lots of numbers thrown at us for our cholesterol levels, blood sugar, body-mass index, cardiovascular disease risk score, and the like. But most of us don’t pay much attention to the specifics of these numbers. After all, we don’t really know what they […]

Do you need to take supplements? (by Jon Barron)

“You often hear doctors say that there’s no need to supplement if you eat a balanced diet. If only that were true. Fast-food diets consisting of burgers, fries, pizza, and sodas have minimal nutritional value beyond proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. And even if you try and eat a balanced diet, the food we eat today […]

Comment on HDL supplements

Daniel, Like you, I am genetically predisposed to have low HDL levels.  Getting cardiovascular exercise seven days per week did not cause any significant increase in HDL.  However, I was able to boost my HDL by approximately 20 – 25% by taking one supplement.  A different supplement, the virgin coconut oil mentioned in this post, […]