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Jon Barron: What are Enzymes?

“Enzymes are proteins that speed up (catalyze) chemical reactions in living organisms. They are required for every single chemical action that takes place in your body. All of your tissues, muscles, bones, organs, and cells are run by enzymes. Your digestive system, immune system, bloodstream, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas, as well as your ability […]

Dandelion Root Health Benefits from

Dandelion Root Health Benefits

Jon Barron on use of anti-pathogens

Seven Ways Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Fights Obesity 1) Satiety 2) Does not accumulate as body fat 3) Produces Energy 4) Boosts Metabolism 5) Improved Thyroid Function 6) Activate Fat Burning Enzymes 7) Resists Diet Induced Drop in Metabolism

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