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Major Advance in Glioblastoma Treatment

In 2015, CBS News 60 Minutes featured a story about research emanating from Duke University Medical Center showing complete responses in terminal glioblastoma patients who were administered a re-engineered polio virus directly into their brain tumor. The re-engineered virus prompted a powerful immune response against the viral-infected cancer cells that in some patients appear to eradicate their glioblastoma.

How the Media Got It Wrong on the Causes of Cancer

Marketing in Not Marketing

Explanation for Why We Are Deficient in Enzymes

“Most people believe that when you eat a meal, it drops into a pool of stomach acid where it’s broken down, then it goes into the small intestine to have nutrients taken out, and then into the colon to be passed out of the body. In fact, the truth is a bit more complex. What […]

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