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Jon Barron on the Problem With Standardization in Supplements

“So, what’s the problem? Have you ever tasted a can of frozen orange juice or juice from a container that even comes close to the taste of good fresh squeezed? (Don’t bother answering this question if you think that SunnyD® tastes better than real orange juice.) While standardization can make one batch virtually identical to […]

The Best and Most Comprehensive Article on Antioxidants

Jon Barron on Proteolytic Enzymes

“What do proteolytic enzymes do in the body? Benefits include: Reducing inflammation — Inflammation is a natural response of the body to injury, but excessive inflammation retards the healing process. Proteolytic enzymes reduce inflammation by neutralizing the biochemicals of inflammation (bradykinins and pro-inflammatory eicosanoids) to levels where the synthesis, repair, and regeneration of injured tissues […]

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